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Searmaster Sideburner
Prices Include Shipping for U.S. Orders Greater than $150
Canadian Customers Pay Customs Fee, HST, and Partial Shipping Fee.

Shipping is free for all orders greater than $150. Grills are usually shipped on the next business day after the order by a various reputable carrier. You will be contacted concerning exceptions. We ship TEC products worldwide. Customers outside the US & Canada, e-mail a request for shipping/customs fees. Include your complete address.
Canadian Customers May Pay A Customs Fee and Partial Shipping Fee.
Phone: 803 403-6673
8am - 11pm Eastern
Sun: 12:30pm - 11pm

Searmaster 2-Burner
Searmaster 2-Burner

Searmaster Sideburner
Free Shipping on orders greater than $150!
Searmaster Sideburner
$2339 - $3599
LP or Natural Gas
Searmaster 1-Burner
Searmaster 1-Burner
Searmaster Accessories
Note: The Searmaster Sideburner was created from the Patio FR technology
and may use any of the accessories of the Patio FR.

Warming Racks

(See pictures at right to see the difference between the two Warming Racks.)
$80 - $243
Grill Styles

Warming Rack
Standard Warming Rack sits 2.25" above the grill surface.
Rack Jack Warming Rack
Elevated 'Rack Jack' sits 4.75" above the grill surface.
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)
Patio and Searmaster Griddle
Grate Rake Cleaning Tool
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)
Grate Rake
Infrared Grill Tray
For grilling fish, shrimp, & other small, delicate items.
It keeps your food from slipping through the grates.
(Order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Grill Tray
Bottomless Meatload Pan
with Special Detachable Spatula
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Pan Size

Meatloaf Pan
The Ultimate Spatula
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

All-American Ultimate Spatula
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Bulk Tank Regulator $70

Red Burner Control Knob $24
Red Burner Control Knob
TEC 24" Outdoor Refrigerator
This price is 10% off Retail
Hinge Position
TEC Refrigerator
TEC 55lbs Outdoor Icemaker
This price is 10% off Retail
Hinge Position

TEC Icemaker
Access Doors and Drawers
25" Doors (Patio 1-Burner, G2000, Sterling II)
36" Doors (G3000, Sterling III)
44" Doors (Patio 2-Burner, G4000 Sterling IV)
18" Drawers (All  Models)
$495- 989
Door/Drawer Size

TEC Access Doors
Access Doors

TEC Access Drawers
Access Drawers

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