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Searmaster Sideburner
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Searmaster Sideburner
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Searmaster Sideburner

The Searmaster Sideburner is a special order. It may take a few extra days for this item to ship.

$3250 - $3500
LP or Natural Gas
Searmaster 1-Burner
Searmaster 1-Burner
Searmaster Accessories
Note: The Searmaster Sideburner was created from the Patio FR technology
and may use any of the accessories of the Patio FR.

Warming Racks

(See pictures at right to see the difference between the two Warming Racks.)

Grill Styles

Warming Rack
Standard Warming Rack sits 2.25" above the grill surface.
Rack Jack Warming Rack
Elevated 'Rack Jack' sits 4.75" above the grill surface.
TEC's Dual-Probe Food Thermometer - New
Food Probe Thermometers are the way the professionals meaure cooking temperature, and TEC's model is a particularly good one. This is useful for any grill.

Dual-Probe Food Thermometer
Commercial-Style Griddle

Patio and Searmaster Griddle
Grate Rake Cleaning Tool
(Order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Grate Rake
The Grate Rake Cleaning Tool is designed to get in between the cooking grates making it so easy to clean.
Infrared Grill Tray
For grilling fish, shrimp, & other small, delicate items. It keeps your food from slipping through the grates.
(Order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Grill Tray

All Spatulas
$38 each
(Order these with grill & get 10% refund.)

Coming soon for all you South Carolinians: Palmetto Ultimate Spatula
The Ultimate Spatula $38
All-American Ultimate Spatula $38
Lone Star Ultimate Spatula $38
Best Dad Spatula (for Father's Day) $38
Meatloaf Pan Meatloaf Pan
All-American Ulitmate Spatula Lone Star Ultimate Spatula
Butt Shovel

TEC oversized 'Spatula' for removing large items off the grill.
Fryer Steamer Combo
Fryer Basket
Fryer Steamer Combo $239
Fryer Basket $95
Bulk Tank Regulator

Red Burner Control Knob

Red Burner Control Knob
Outdoor Kitchen Components
TEC 24" Outdoor Refrigerator
This price is 10% off Retail

TEC Refrigerator Features:
Stainless Steel Exterior
UL Approval for Outdoor Use
Energy Efficient, One-Piece ABS Interior Liner
Door is Stainless Exterior, Aluminum Interior and is Field Reversable
Magnetic Door Gasket is Easily Removable for Cleaning
Environmentally Friendly Cyclopene Insulation
Electronic Controls w/ LED Temperature Display & Audio/Visual Alarm
High and Low Temperature Alarms as well as Door Open Alarm
Ducted Air Flow for Even Air Distribution Throughout the Cabinet
Cylider Door Lock with Keys
Automatic Defrost
Three Epoxy Coated Shelves Standard
Built-in Cabinet Installation with Louvered Trim
Height: 32.7", Width: 23.4", Depth: 24.5", Capacity: 4 square feet
TEC 55lbs Outdoor Icemaker
This price is 10% off Retail

TEC Icemaker
Access Doors and Drawers
(Aka enclosure doors & drawers)
25" Doors (Patio 1-Burner, G2000, Sterling II)
36" Doors (G3000, Sterling III)
44" Doors (Patio 2-Burner, G4000 Sterling IV)
18" Drawers (All  Models)
Door/Drawer Size

TEC Access Doors TEC Access Drawers

Returns and Refunds

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