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Parts - G-Sport FR (Model Numbers and Serial Numbers Start with "GS")

Part No
All Available Parts Listed Below

GSRGP Glass Emitor Panel (aka Glass Panel, Radiant)

FM4107 Cooking Grid, Single Grid (15 Channels, 11 1/8" x 13 7/8") $96

2x FM4107 2 Cooking Grids (Each: 15 Channels, 11 1/8" x 13 7/8")

GSFRHC G-Sport Short Cover (Grill without Pedestal Base)

GSFRFC G-Sport Tall Cover (Grill with Pedestal Base)

GSFRFCSS G-Sport Extrawide Cover (Grill with Base & Sideshelf)

HW0808A Bezel

FM4115 G-Sport Burner Assembly $139

FM4114 G-Sport Burner Plenum Assembly $218

Burner Control Knob

HW2802 Burner Control Valve $25

GSCKLP-NT G-Sport Natural Gas Conversion Kit $70

FM4112 Drip Tray

FM4151 Glass Retention Clip (1 Clip)

FM4125 Grill Body

FM4105 Heat Shield Assembly

FM4129 Hood Body Back Panel (GSLPFR) $38

FM4184 Hood Body Back Panel (GSRLPFR) $38

FM4104 Hood Cover Assembly
Includes hood cover and all hardware

FM3540 Hood Bolt Assembly (1 Side) $13

FM3542 Hood Rest Bolt Assembly (1 Side) $10

HW2812 Igniter, Battery Powered $24

FM4175 Ignition Rod

HW163801 Ignition Wire 14.5" $11

HW1619 Ignition Wire 8"

No Longer Required

FM4171 Leg/Corner Brace

FM4108 Manifold $54

FM4041 Match Lighting Wand

ORI54 Orifice #54, LP Gas

ORI45 Orifice #45, Natural Gas $5

HW0268 Quick Disconnect Fitting

Regulator & 4 ft Hose for 20 LB LP Gas Cylinder
(Quick Disconnect)

FM4191 Regulator and Fittings for LP Gas Bulk Tank $70

GSFRSS G-Sport Sideshelf $89

HW0770 TEC Nameplate with clips $28

TSPED Thumbscrews (4) for Optional Pedestal Base $9

FM4111 Trim Assembly, Front $28

FM4109 Trim Assembly, Right Side (GSLPFR) $36

FM4182 Trim Assembly, Right Side, (GSRLPFR) $36

FM4110 Trim Assembly, Left Side (GSLPFR) $36

FM4183 Trim Assembly, Left Side, (GSRLPFR) $36

GSRWR G-Sport Warming Rack $75

Shipping is free for all orders greater than $150.
If your order is less than $150, please add the $10 shipping fee to your cart from the bottom of the table.
Your grill will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase (excluding Saturday/Sunday) by a various reputable carrier.
I will contact concerning exceptions.
TECGrillsOnline uses Paypal for On-Line orders.
Paypal is easy to use and secure, & you don't need a Paypal account to use Paypal, just a credit card.
We ship TEC products worldwide. Customers outside the US & Canada, e-mail ( a request for shipping/customs fees.
Include your complete address.

Returning Parts - The customer is responsible for all shipping charges (unless we send you a different part than
you ordered or the part we send is defective.) You will be refunded 75% of the purchase price of the part.
The other 25% will be credited toward other TEC items (excluding shipping) which must be used before the
end of the calendar year. Returned parts not shipped within 20 days for any reason will only be elligible
for a 75% credit toward another purchase. Used parts will not qualify for refund, unless they are defective.
Final word: If you ordered the wrong part we'll do everything possible to get you the right one with fair terms.

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