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Sterling FR & GSeries FR Parts Page
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Parts - G2000FR, G3000 FR, G4000 FR, Sterling II FR, Sterling III FR, Sterling IV FR
(Model Numbers Start with "G2", "G3", "G4", "S2", "S3", "S4" and End with "FR")

Part No
All Parts Listed Below

Glass Emitter Panel (aka Glass Panel, Radiant)
(Alternate Part Number

FM3015 Cooking Grid (12 Channels, 9 1/2" x 18 1/4") $135

FM3028A Burner Assembly

Burner Head Replacement Kit (Includes Burner Head, Bolts & Instructions)


FM3453 Burner Box (This part does not include the Burner Head.)

Burner Control Knob
(The original knob styles for these grills are unavailable; however, you may use either of the knobs below for replacement.)

HW0842A Burner Control Knob, Muted Chrome
HW0841 Burner Control Knob, Red
(Same as above but in red.)

Burner Control Valve

Conversion Kit (Propane to Natural Gas)
Hose not included.

Conversion Kit (Natural Gas to Propane)
Hose IS included.

Note: These are the last of  the covers for these models. Get them while you can. They will not be reordered.

Covers for Sterling FR Series
Please Inquire - Many are still Available

Sterling IV FR Cover
for Pedestal with no Sideshelves


Covers for Sterling G Series FR
Please Inquire - Many are still Available

Drip Tray (STII, G2000) $145

FM3071 Drip Tray (STIII, G3000) $175

Drip Tray (STIV, G4000) $195

Deep Fryer/Steamer Combination
Fryer Basket

Glass Panel Retention Clip

(Slows down cooking process by lifting the grate. Temporary Availability.)
No Longer Available
SGRAKE Grate Rake Cleaning Tool
(This tool is only for Sterling FR and Sterling G FR although there is a similar version for the Patio FR.)


FM3059 Heat Shield (STII, G2000) $255

FM3088 Heat Shield (STIII, G3000) $275

FM3115 Heat Shield (STIV, G4000) $295

FM3056 Hood Cover Assembly (STII) $607

FM3085 Hood Cover Assembly (STIII) $695

FM3112 Hood Cover Assembly (STIV) $797

Hood Cover Assembly (G2000) $855

FM3146 Hood Cover Assembly (G3000) $998

FM3156 Hood Cover Assembly (G4000) $1,116

Hose, 1/2" Dia., 12 Ft. Lg (Fixed Fuel)

Ignition Rod (Electrode)

FM3041 Ignition Rod Bracket (Electrode Bracket) $7

HW0296 Igniter, Battery Powered, STII FR, G2000 FR $25

HW0297 Igniter, Battery Powered, STIII FR, G3000 FR $27

HW0298 Igniter, Battery Powered, STIV FR, G4000 FR $28

HW163801 Ignition Wire, 14.5" LG $12

HW163802 Ignition Wire, 24" LG $15

HW163803 Ignition Wire, 33.5" LG (STIII FR, STIV FR, G3000 FR, G4000 FR) $16

HW163804 Ignition Wire, 43" LG, STIV FR, G4000 FR $17

Manifold, Sterling II FR and G2000 FR
Manifold, Sterling III FR and G3000 FR $110
Manifold, Sterling IV FR and G4000 FR $110
Orifice, NG #49

ORI56 Orifice, LP #56 $5

PBA Push Button Assembly for Igniter
No Longer Available Seperately. You must purchase the Igniter.
NA No Longer Available
HW0261 Quick Disconnect Fitting $9

REG102QDFR Regulator for 20LB LP Gas Cylinder
(Quick disconnect with 3ft hose)

REGBTANKLP Regulator and Fittings (Nipple Assembly), LP Gas (Bulk Tank) Does not include Propane Gas Hose or fittings.
This part replaces FM3461.

Regulator for Natural Gas (Hose not included)
This part replaces FM3462.

Rotisseries and Rotisserie Parts
See the bottom of this list

Smoker Bracket
Raises cooking grate to provide space below for woodchips.

HW0770 TEC Nameplate with clips $28

FM3038 Warming Rack, STII FR, G2000 FR $72

FM3074 Warming Rack, STIII FR, G3000 FR $99

FM3104 Warming Rack, STIV FR, G4000 FR $131

Rotisseries and Rotisserie Parts

Rotisseries & Rotisserie Parts will
be available until stock is depleted.

HW1719 Rotisserie Handle, 1/2-13, 1" Dia, 5-1/16" L $35

HW1716 Rotisserie Meat Fork  $98

FM3402 Rotisserie Rod Bracket, FR Series $14 Inquire

HW1718 Rotisserie Motor, 60 IN-LB

FM3034 Rotisserie Motor Bracket, FR Series $62

HW1724 Rotisserie Spit Rod, STII FR, G2000  FR $99

HW1725 Rotisserie Spit Rod, STIII FR, G3000 FR $110

HW1726 Rotisserie Spit Rod, STIV FR, G4000 FR $125

HW050201 Bolt: Hex Head 1/4-20 X 1/2" LG.SS $3 Inquire
HW0603 Hex Head Nut , SS $3 Inquire
HW1001 Lock Washer, 1/4" $3 Inquire
ST2ROT60 Rotisserie for G2000 and Sterling II
(for use with all G2000 and Sterling II Grills)
$499   Available, Please Call
ST3ROT60 Rotisserie for G3000 and Sterling III
(for use with all G3000 and Sterling III Grills)
$510 Available, Please Call
ST4ROT60 Rotisserie G4000 and Sterling IV
(for use with all G4000 and Sterling IV Grills)
$525 Available, Please Call

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