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G-Sport Grill
Free Shipping for U.S. Orders Greater than $150
Canadian Customers Pay Customs Fee, HST, and Partial Shipping Fee.

Shipping is free for all orders greater than $150. Grills are usually shipped on the next business day after the order by a various reputable carrier. You will be contacted concerning exceptions. We ship TEC products worldwide. Customers outside the US & Canada, e-mail a request for shipping/customs fees. Include your complete address.
Canadian Customers May Pay A Customs Fee and Partial Shipping Fee.
Phone: 803 403-6673
8am - 11pm Eastern
Sun: 12:30pm - 11pm

GSport Side Shelf

Christmas Special - Free Smoker/Roaster with Grill Order. Cook a Great Turkey.
(Ends 12/24. You will not see item your cart; it will be automatically added to Order at Time of Shipment.)
G-Sport Grill and Accessories
Free Shipping on orders greater than $150!
G-Sport Grill
LP or Natural Gas
G-Sport Grill and Pedestal Base $2969
LP or Natural Gas
(Special Price)
G-Sport & Pedestal Base Combination Packages
(If you order this special with a sideshelf your cover will
be upgraded to the Xtrawide cover at no additional cost.)

G-Sport/Pedestal Combinations
LP or Natural Gas
G-Sport Stainless Pedestal Base $600
G-Sport Sideshelf
(Order this with a G-Sport and get 10% refund on this item.)

G-Sport Warming Rack
(This item may not fit on the older 'Short-back' G-Sport from early 2009.)
G-Sport Short Cover
(for use on the G-Sport WITHOUT the Pedestal Base)
(Order this with a G-Sport and get 10% refund on this item.)
G-Sport Tall Cover
(for use on the G-Sport WITH Pedestal Base)
G-Sport Tall Cover - Xtrawide
(for use on the G-Sport WITH Pedestal Base & Sideshelf)
Grate Rake Cleaning Tool
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)
Bottomless Meatloaf Pan
with Special Detachable Spatula
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)

Pan Size
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)
$32 each
The Ultimate Spatula
All-American Ultimate Spatula
Lone Star Ultimate Spatula
G-Sport Smoker/Roaster (2-piece) $219
Infrared Grill Tray - New
(order this with grill & get 10% refund.)
G-Sport Griddle
Fryer Steamer Combo
Fryer Basket
G-Sport Bulk Tank Regulator
(You need this if you want to connect your G-Sport to a Bulk Propane Tank.)
G-Sport Natural Gas Conversion Kit $70
Cutco Knife
Cutco Knife

Perfect All-around Serated Multi-purpose Kitchen & Grilling Knife
No Returns on this Special Order Item
Must 'Add to Cart' at time of purchase.
Blade Length: 6.25", Overall Length: 12"
G-Sport with no Base
G-Sport Grill

G-Sport on Pedestal
G-Sport Grill  and Pedestal Base

G-Sport Warming Rack
G-Sport Warming Rack

Meatloaf Pan
All American Ultimate Spatula

Meatloaf Pan
Lone Star Ultimate Spatula


I) If we ship the wrong grill (our mistake) and the return is shipped within twenty days of receiving the order, then there is no restocking or shipping fee, and the customer will be shipped the new grill. If the customer choses to cancel his order at that time, he will be refunded 90% of the purchase price.

II) If the grill is damaged in shipping, the customer must reject the shipment or mark it damaged when he signs for the grill. Otherwise, we will do our best within reason to repair the grill by sending the necessary parts.

III) Otherwise, because of the size of a grill shipment and the difficulty in packaging grills, there are no returns on grills.

IV) Unused Accessories bought with a grill may be returned with a 90% refund of the purchase price.
Unused Accessories not bought with a grill may be returned with a 65% refund of the purchase price. Customer pays all shipping either way. There are no returns on used accessories or grills.

Note: If the customer paid by credit card, the refund will be made as a credit card refund. If a customer pays by cash or check, the refund will be made by check.
Note: If items are returned in less than new condition, ther will be no refund.

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