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G-Sport FR

Patio FR
Cherokee FR
TEC's Most Versatile Grill.

The G-Sport has many personalities. Without the base it's an awesome portable with about 50% more grilling surface than the Cherokee. With the base it's a full size backyard infrared grill. The G-Sport on low heat will cook at 200 degrees, lower than any other inrared grill. Like any other TEC you will get a precision American product that will last for years to come. Like all TEC grills you will get that
super moist, charbroil taste that produces the most flavorful grilling experience. The G-Sport is fueled with your standard 20lbs cannister (regulator included).

All TEC products are environmentally friendly, and they always have been.

Download G-Sport Manual (3.7MB)
Download G-Sport FR Flyer - Front (1.4MB)
Download G-Sport FR Flyer - Back (1.0MB)

TEC's Most Advanced Grill.

TEC's most popular grill is back with a vengence. The new Patio FR and Sterling Patio FR can cook at temperatures as low as 200 degrees (lower than any other TEC Grill) but can also cook at the famously searing temperatures for which TEC is known.
The Patio burners are also considerably larger than the burners in older models.

The Patio and Sterling Patio are both available as Built-in grills or on Pedestal Base and in one and two burner models.  Because of the oversized burner, the Patio and Sterling Patio 2-Burner grills are the largest TEC grills available.
You can expect the Patio and Sterling Patio to last years to come; many users of the original Patio still use their grills manufactured in the 70's.

The Sterling Patio is a deluxe version of the Patio with a handcrafted curved hood.

The Cherokee

Buy a Cherokee

TEC To Go.

This compact portable gas grill makes TEC's super moist, charbroil taste more affordable than ever! Imagine that coveted taste of charcoal grilling but with the convenience of gas.
The Cherokee offers 100% infra-red cooking in a compact package.  A Cherokee lets you enjoy the mouth-watering, flavorful taste of infra-red cooking from a condo patio to anywhere in the great outdoors. It provides one-half the grilling surface of a full size two burner models in a small, less expensive cabinet that is light enough to carry with you anywhere you go. For use anywhere, it is fueled with a 1 lbs disposable LP cylinder, making it ideal for home and patio use including attached living areas where large gas tanks and charcoal are prohibited. An optional 20lbs regulator is also available. Like all TEC grills, the Cherokee is made in America.

Download Cherokee FR Manual (1.7MB)
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G-Sport Grills.
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Cherokee Grills.
G-Sport, Burners: 1 (oversized)
Cooking Area: 309 square inches
Temperature: 250 - 850 degrees
1-Burner Patio, Burners: 1 (oversized)
Cooking Area: 296 square inches
Temperature: 200 - 900+ degrees

2-Burner Patio, Burners: 2 (oversized)
Cooking Area: 592 square inches
Temperature: 200 - 900+ degrees
Cherokee, Burners: 1
Cooking Area: 212 square inches
Temperature: 500 - 850 degrees

Note: The temperature of the Cherokee is typically a little less when using a 1 pound cylinder.
Some Discontinued Models are Available at a Discounted Price. Please Inquire. 803-403-6673
Free Shipping in the U.S. for orders Greater than $150.
Canadian Customers Pay A Customs Fee and Partial Shipping Fee.

Free Shipping in the U.S. for orders Greater than $150.
Canadian Customers Pay A Customs Fee and Partial Shipping Fee.

FAQ: What is our return policy?
Answer: See the bottom of the G-Sport, Patio/Sterling Patio, Cherokee, and Parts Page for specific details.

FAQ: Should I do anything special when I receive my grill?
Answer: Grills are typically shipped by a freight company and arrive on a wooden pallet. The shipping company that delivers your grill may have trouble delivering your grill if you live on a street that is not paved, narrow, or extremely steep. Also be aware that the freight company will call you before they attempt to deliver your grill. If there is significant damage to any of your boxes (which is rare), refuse the damaged box(es) and take a picture of the damaged box(es) so that you can e-mail them to us; also contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship a replacement. If there is any hint of damage, make sure to mark the shipment 'Damaged' when you sign for the package.
ALSO, remember to open boxes that contain grills and pedestals and check them thoroughly for damage. In particular, it is important to reject shipments with hood, cabinet, or pedestal damage.

FAQ: What is the  difference between a disposable LP cylinder and a 20 lbs cylinder?
Answer: A disposable LP cylinder is a 1 pound cylinder (approximately) of fuel that is useful when you use your Cherokee as a portable grill. (The Cherokee comes with a regulator for this type of cylinder.) These cylinders are not refillable and may be purchased at most discount and sporting goods stores. A 20 lbs cylinder is a standard cylinder used by full sized grills. (The Cherokee does not come with a regulator for this cylinder, but they may be purchased for the Cherokee.) The 20 lbs cylinder is more convenient and less expensive to use when you use your Cherokee as a permanent 'backyard-style' grill.

FAQ: I want to replace my TEC Patio. What is the  best grill to replace the TEC Patio?
Answer: No question about it. The closest grill to the TEC Patio is the G-Sport, in every way except one. The G-Sport is BETTER because it can turn down to 200 degrees. Lower than any other infrared grill, TEC or otherwise.

FAQ: What is the  difference between TEC infrared grills and all other infrared grills?
Answer: Quite a lot! TEC infrared grills are the only 100% infrared grills made in America, and that's important. Other infrared grills use TEC's old technology which is only 50% infrared. Most other infrared grills are also made overseas and are not the quality made cooking machine that is a TEC. TEC uses the highest quality stainless steel and are made to last. AND TEC prices are mid-range for infrared grills, so you're getting the best grill for a great price. Did you know that the engineer/owner of TEC is the man who invented the use of infrared technology for cooking? TEC is considered throughout the industry and by the other manufacturers as well as the best infrared grill available.

FAQ: Can I use a pot, pan or pizza stone on my TEC grill?
Answer: Absolutely! But make sure that you don't cover more than 75% of the grilling surface with a pot, pan, stone, or anything dense; y
ou can fill-up 100% of your grilling surface with food. Also don't put a pot, pan, stone, or anything directly on the glass emittor panel.

It's all about the Burner.
TEC grills use one of four different 100% infrared burners. The larger residential grills and all commercial grills use the first two styles of burner. These two styles are very much the same except their size (the commercial burners are larger.) The Cherokee burner is manufactured a little differently but for the most part is just a slight improvement over the first two. The G-Sport grill has by far the most impressive infrared burner because it turns down as low as 200 degrees. All burners are extremely energy efficient.

The only TEC grill that can use the 1 pound cylinder is the Cherokee.
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